Nevada Online Poker Laws And Their Race With NJ To Be The First!

Feb 21, 2013 will forever go down in Nevada state history as the day where they ushered in new Nevada online Poker laws, and became the first state to legalise inter-state, online gaming.

Up to this time they were locked in a race with the State of New Jersey, but whilst New Jersey's Governor Christie was still deliberating over a 3rd bill to legitimize online gaming, Nevada's Governor Sandoval was pulling out the stops, and was the first to put pen to paper with the introduction of new Nevada online Poker laws.

A 90 minute hearing took place before the Senate Judiciary committees and a joint meeting of the Assembly, and both houses of the Legislature unanimously voted to pass the new Assembly Bill number 114. This would allow the state to move forward with online Poker in the absence of any Federal action, and to join in the advent of interstate compacts which would increase Nevada-based casinos' customer base.

In his State of the State speech, Sandoval had already declared that online Poker legislation to be his number one priority, and for the state's lawmakers to pass the upcoming bill within the session's first 30 days. The entire process took less than 7 hours, although it was induced by a sense of urgency.

Over on the East Coast, New Jersey too were locked in the race to become the first online gambling hub, with hopes to build alliances with other states in their efforts to enter into online gaming. However Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor vetoed his state's first bill, which resulted in Nevada winning the race.

Before Nevada's Sandoval signed the law in Nevada's Assembly Chambers where gambling was first made legal in 1931, attesting to such another historic day, he said: "This is the day we usher Nevada into the next frontier of gaming." No doubt Nevada online Poker laws will make a huge impact on the future of the state and its residents, and open up a gateway to a new Promised Land. Time now for other states to get over the line. It's about time!